The Winemakers


A lifelong wine lover, he took his first trip to Napa in 1992 with family and friends. It was there in wine country that his true passion was solidified and he became committed to making his dream of becoming a winemaker a reality.

Over the next two decades, he became an avid wine collector and made sure to visit Napa twice a year, bringing friends and family along for what turned out to be some of life’s best moments. However, as time passed, visiting was no longer enough. He worked his first harvest season in 2012, taking him one step closer to his ultimate goal.

Shortly after, Rob’s vision of Chesca Family Wines came to fruition. With the belief that family comes first, he chose this unique name to honor his mother, Francesca. Today, he is proud to share with you the result of his labor of love and a commitment to living life to the fullest. Chesca is a wine that represents the heart and soul of the family. May you have many reasons to raise your glass as you continue making memories with those you love.


Raised in Napa, Grant Long Jr. has spent his entire career in the wine business. He handcrafts rich, premium wines of bold vintage and limited quantity. Partial to vintages sourced from the rocky, volcanic hillside vineyards of Napa Valley, Grant approaches his craft from a very personal perspective, putting quality far above all other considerations. He points to his father, a lifelong wine lover and wine collector, as one of the great influences in his life. Chesca Family Wines is fortunate to benefit from the expertise and uncompromising standards of one of today’s true winemaking artisans.